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Minimize Down Time and Maximize Quality!


Support is available not only to users of the FC process controller, we provide a wide range of drying help to others using older manual controllers and many other computerized "schedule" type controllers.


Online Support:

In addition, Frank Controls Ltd. offers an "On-line 24 hour" online service via the desktop computer.  In the event of troubles with the kiln or control, Frank Controls technicians can initiate a modem phone call or TCP/IP connection to your mill site and troubleshoot problems over the internet, minimizing your down time.  The customer is required to supply a dedicated phone or Ethernet line to the PC in the control room.  This ON-LINE monitoring service provides drying help for the operator, or remote service ability.



Frank Controls Ltd. offers up close and personal training.  Contact us for details sales@frankcontrols.com or 1-250-765-2900.