P r o d u c t s

FC Controller Components


110-Volt / 220-Volt Power Supply Board - Supplies 12V AC to the regulator on the Data-Acquisition board.  Note: See Installation Instructions for 220-Volt operation.


Digital Temperature System


Figure 1 Power Supply Board


WARNING !!!   Power Supply is shipped as a default of 110-Volt operation



Programmable DAQT Board - Holds the firmware that determines the functions of the Data Acquisition System.


Digital Temperature System


Figure 2 Data-Acquisition Temperature Board



Bulb Connection Board - Allows connection of digital devices.  Normally Digital Temperature Sensors.


Digital Temperature System


Figure 3 Digital Connection Board



Eprom Card - Six 64k EPROM chips witch hold the main program that runs the kiln.  The card comes pre loaded with a program and can only be changed if sent into Frank Controls Ltd.  It is the brains behind the operation of the kiln.



Figure 6 Eprom Card



SIO Card - Converts parallel data from the STD bus to serial data.  The ports the Frank Control Computer System uses to talk with the PC and PLC.



Figure 7 SIO Card



CPU Card - The Motherboard that controls all the other cards.  Runs the program in the Eprom Card.



Figure 8 CPU Card



Power Fail Card - Monitors the power line.  If the Frank Control Computer System has power the LED will glow red.  If there is a loss of power or the card is not working, the LED will go out.  Only the top of the two connectors is used for normal operation.



Figure 9 Power Fail Card



Battery Back-Up Card - Holds the RAM that the Frank Control Computer System uses.  A real time clock chip allows the computer to keep track of time.  Contains a battery to hold memory in the RAM on a power failure so the data in the RAM is not lost.  There is also an on board charger for the (3v) NICAD battery.

Figure 10 Battery Back-Up Card



DIGT Card - 8085 microprocessor controlled onboard 8KB EPROM & 2K RAM.  This card holds the program for communicating to the Data-Acquisition boards.  It is connected to the Isolation board through a 14-pin bus cable.



Figure 11 Digital Temperature Card



DAC Board - Converts serial data from the DAQT board to eight 4-20mA analog output channels.


Digital to Analog 4-20mA Output


Figure 12 Digital to Analog Board



Isolation Board - Optically isolates the Digital Temperature card from the Data-Acquisition Temperature System.  This board has six optically isolated Digital I/Os and one non-isolated channel.  The isolated channels connect to the Digital Temperature System.  The non-isolated channel connects to the outside Digital Bulb.  The 14-pin bus cable connects to the Digital Temperature Card.  It is powered by 12 VDC from the Hammond 166F6 transformer.


Opto Isolator Board


Figure 13 Isolation Board




ATX Power Supply - Supplies power to the Card Cage.  See Appendix for details on connections.



Hammond 166F16 - Supplies 12v power to the Isolation board and AC to J4 on the PFA card.