T e c h n o l o g y

Dynamic Process Kiln Control


Increase Lumber Grade!

Decrease Wasted Energy

And Drying Time!


How does the FC controller do it?

The concept of the FC controller is to dry using a closed loop dynamic process.  Conventional open loop controllers using a scheduling scheme run according to time using static set points. The FC controller continuously monitors and controls the temperatures and relative humidity in the kiln changing the drying process constantly during its cycle.  The object of this control is to regulate the rate of evaporation off the surface of the wood to attain the optimum moisture and temperature gradients within the wood achieving the maximum water flow without damaging the lumber.  The FC controller uses dynamically changing set points to maintain these gradients and water flow.  These set points are derived from a large calculation within the FC controller using the dry bulb and wet breitling replica bulb temperatures.  The outside temperature allows automatic adjustments to the process, compensating for heat loss while in the critical heat up stage.  The moisture content of the lumber is calculated in close accuracy stopping the drying process at the desired final moisture content and not by time.  With proper heat-up water will flow freely from the lumber.  Maintaining high humidity in the kiln minimizes lumber damage and saves energy.  The theory of forcing water to flow by venting heavily lowers the relative humidity in a dry kiln increasing both drying time and wasted energy.  The FC controller will achieve the best possible lumber quality while reducing the energy consumption.


Why wait? The FC controller will pay for it self in just a few months.  Contact us at sales@frankcontrols.com or 1-250-765-2900.