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Dry Kilns

Dry Kiln Design

The Airodyne dry kiln provides even air flow and heat distribution, developed from the proper fan size to the engineered baffle system.  The Airodyne design is available for new or existing dry kilns.

Frank Controls, the name behind the original Airodyne design, offers conceptual design packages to sawmills and dry kiln manufactures.

The kiln design is shown to increase air and heat distribution for both new an existing dry replica watches kilns. Sawmills are reporting an improvement in lumber grade quality, and reduced energy consumption.

Conceptual Design Packages
for new or existing kilns.
Manufacturer's Welcome.


Directional Heat Distribution

Our method of controlling the heated airflow within a kiln is such that all heated airflow is delivered to the low-pressure side of the fans.  This insured an even mixture of heat through the kiln.  Heat is switched upon fan reversal and always directed to the low-pressure side of the kiln fans.

U.S. Patent No. 5,195,251
CDN. Patent No. 2,088,715


Motor Control Panels
PLC Systems

Frank Controls is CSA approved to manufacture high voltage motor control panels.  Customizing your needs with an Allen/Bradley PLC5 system within a motor control center, or stand alone PLC panel.